What is going on in Hong Kong?

Coordinates: 22.264625,114.23713900000007

Protests are happening in Hong Kong, more than 70 students got arrested by the police and about 25 protestants and police officers got injured. This happened within two days.

When I was at a local university on Wednesday, I could see booths and public announcements by students, who called for action to boycott classes and occupy the central area in Hong Kong Island. They stated a 48 hour ultimatum for the Hong Kong government and threatened to surround the government building if their demands are not met. On Friday the demonstrations started on a large-scale.

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In Hong Kong – 鬼佬喺香港

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After spending two days in Berlin I took my flight to Hong Kong via Moscow travelling for more than 18 hours and I finally arrived on 22nd of May in the Special Administrative Region. I was tired to death.

It is hot. Always around 30° Celsius – day and night. I like it, finally I don’t have to freeze anymore. However the heat requires me to sleep longer and when I wake up, I feel like as if a car had hit me several times during the night. But fresh and cold soy milk wakes me up and gets me ready for the day.

My new job already requires a lot of my attention, but it is very promising and I am very excited about the upcoming weeks.

The pictures show the view of the apartment where I am staying these days. It is a very fancy place and I enjoy staying here a lot.

View at Yau Tong (Panorama)