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Posts from my time in China in the year 2011. I worked there as a trainee at Qingchuan Vocational Highschool (青川县职业高级中学) in Sichuan (四川省). My job was to teach the students oral English and to improve their social skills. For that I taught ten different classes per week and I had to prepare the lessons completely on my own.

Photo taken by Jochen

Back in Germany

Coordinates: 49.7915953,9.953571499999953

Yesterday morning at 6:00 am, I arrived at the airport in Munich. The flight from Beijing was this time less fatiguing. They showed “Inception” what entertained me a lot. Furthermore I had a nice Chinese man sitting next to me. And I could also catch some sleep.

This Blog won’t be updated for an uncertain time. Maybe it will change its purpose in the future.

I thank everyone, who has read my entries and has looked at my pictures.

I also thank the people from Qingchuan, who have given me this unique experience.