Citation of Newspaper Articles using biblatex-chicago

11 Mar 2019 Study Notes, Technology

Recently, I have to quote newspaper articles more frequently and I had troubles finding a simple and short manual on how to implement such citations sensibly. Most guides online just simply state that newspaper articles should be treated like any other periodicals in biblatex and therefore, you should use the @article entry type. But there […]

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Home Automation: WiFi enabled AC controls

7 Sep 2017 Technology

I got tired looking for the remote control of my very old AC units at home. I cannot modernize the apartment, so I thought maybe I can upgrade my lifestyle by “hacking” my air conditioning system. There are tons of tutorials for this on the web, basically you just reverse engineer the infrared remote control […]

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Audio VU Meters & Raspberry Pi

22 Aug 2017 Technology

I started building a small from scrap parts such as some old HDDs and a Raspberry Pi. Assembling the parts and installing the software was rather simple, but putting it into a nice enclosure that also shows what the headless device is doing was a bit more complicated. I always fancied analog displays on old […]

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