The Forbidden City was very impressive; a whole city within the city. Huge squares and enormous halls for the emperor.

The Square of Heavens Pacification is a place of many historic events. The feeling walking across it was very touching. Seeing the videos on the big LED Screens was very awkward, watching singing Chinese superstars some pop songs was a high contrast compared to the historic place. Nevertheless we walked around it and all sights (like the Mao Mausoleum) have already been closed.

And by the way: It isn’t foggy this week in Beijing, what you see on the pictures is the actual smog. But I was told, that it gets better during the summer.

Also funny: In the hostel where I’m writing this entry right now is sitting a young Asian man next to me, who is currently applying for an AIESEC Internship at UIBE (LC Beijing).

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