I have my own office now, that I share with my colleague Jochen!

Our office is quite huge, but it seems, that at this school all rooms are much bigger than they have to be. I even have a quite good Internet Connection in here, what is very useful in preparing the lessons.

I have nine different classes to teach and all of them are on their first year at the vocational high school. To teach them English I have to start at Adam and Eve. Very simple sentences are nearly impossible for them to pronounce. Here three examples:

  • What is your name? My name is …
  • How old are you? I am sixteen years old.
  • What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour is red.

As a result the first week is only about introducing yourself…

Pictures can as always be found at gallery.

2 thoughts on “The office & learning English”

  • Brother Balluff says:

    Hey nice office.
    And nice guitar you have here in your room.
    why do you need internet for “how old are you?”


    PS: i took your guitar.

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