I know it has been some time since my last post. So I thought that I may share some photos from a trip we made through the lovely Qingchuan County (青川县).

One the April 4th and 5th, principal Wen (文排章) showed us around through Qingchuan County. For that we visited the Earthquake Museum, the Qingchuan National Park Tangjiahe (唐家河国家级自然保护区, maps), Qingchuan City (very beautiful), the old Qingchuan Vocational High School (maps), a big dammed lake (maps), a renovated city in an ancient style and much more.

The following two days we spent at the family of a student. They are farmers, who live in a very small village in the middle of nowhere. The peaceful landscape was very inspiring.

More information can be found in the captions.

I am aware of the fact, that this time I have uploaded almost too many photos…

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