Youth to Sustainability Summit 2015

A four days event for 16 to 21 year-old entrepreneurs.

Employer: AIESEC Hong Kong Limited · Date: June 2015 · Role: Organizer


  • 220 youth participants
  • 40 external speakers
  • 60 hours of conference content
  • 8 corporate sponsors
  • 30 NGO partners


Youth empowerment big time! A fast-track course in entrepreneurship and product development.
Make actionable solutions for social issues in Hong Kong.
From environment to cultural heritage, a diverse spectrum of problems caught the attention from youths,
corporate partners and NGOs.


Increased profits

Youth to Sustainability Summit was in its fifth year and had experienced financial losses before, even though participation had been growing. For the 2015 edition, I increased the monetary sponsorship deals and improved the financial structure of the event. As a result, for the first time the event made a significant profit for the organisation.

Higher satisfaction

Furthermore the conference participants and partners were signifcantly more satisfied compared to the previous years. The conference had more close interactions between youths, NGOs and companies. Intimate sessions in small groups as well as exhibition style sub-events were implemented. That ensured better learning opportunities for the participants and at the same time, better brand positioning for the partners.


  • Full strategic planning and budgeting
  • Directed conference team of 80 students
  • Marketing and branding campaign development
  • Sponsorship sales and partnership management
  • Layout, editing, and creation of print material
  • Conference content co-creation
  • Logistics planning
  • Conference team trainings and briefing sessions
  • Venue and accommodation arrangement


Conference Booklet
Contains all information about partners, speakers, agenda and so forth.

Contributions: Layout, editing, pre-flight.

32 pages