On Monday, May 20th, I could witness a partial eclipse in Japan. The spectacle of nature started in the early morning at approximately 6:30 and had its tipping point around 7:32.

The eclipse seemed to attract a lot of people, because all eclipse viewing glasses were sold out in Kyoto two days before. But actually I could not see huge gatherings in the morning. The local people preferred watching it from their front doors of their houses. I however chose to go to Ninnaji Temple (仁和寺), because it is located on higher ground. Unfortunately the temple gates were closed in the early morning. But apparently I was not the only one who was not aware of that.

Google also paid attention to this event and featured a special doodle on their website. Copyright by Google.com

Due to my poor camera equipment I could not take any decent photos. But instead I drew a sketch to illustrate the moon’s path.

Figure 1: The Moon’s path on 20/05/2012

A very decent photo of the eclipse can be found here.

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