In the 16th century the Portuguese came to Japan and brought trade and Christianity. The Emperor of Japan tolerated the new religion at first, but soon it was banned. There used to be three Japanese Christians who got baptised with the name Paulus (パウロ).

The first church in Japan was erected in Kyoto by Saint Paulus Suzuki and used to be the largest church in East Asia. After Christianity was prohibited 20 Japanese and 6 foreigners were arrested and taken to Nagasaki. They were crucified there and after that the Christian society in Japan had to practice their religion secretly until the 19th century.

I visited the Museum today and the history of Christianity in Japan is rather interesting. Especially the fact that three Pauls were taken from Kyoto to Nagasaki, caught my attention.

After that I visited little China town where I enjoyed Champon, which is a mix of Chinese Noodles and Japanese cuisine and of course it was delicious.

Tomorrow I will head back to Kyoto. That will be a long journey and will approximately take two days.

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