This morning I took the local bus to get a bit outside of Matsuyama. From there I started Hitchhiking towards Imabari (今治). The first ride appeared after more than an hour. It was a young man with a tattoo on his right arm. He took me to Imabari and from there I tried to get on the expressway.

The whole day was rainy. Which was very inconvenient. And a foreigner in Japan hitchhiking in the rain does not cause any sympathy. You look more like a maniac. Therefore I was stuck in front of the expressway for than two hours, standing in the rain and almost ready to give up.

Fortunately a married couple with a one-year old daughter finally picked me up. And the best part was, that they were from Hiroshima. This saved me a lot of trouble and I arrived at Hiroshima Station around 3 pm.

Hiroshima itself is a modern and beautiful city. After I checked in to my hostel I went to the Peace Park (平和記念公園), which is the epicentre of the atomic bomb in World War II. The park is rather large and features several memorials. It was touching reading some of the stories.

After that I went out for the famous Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き). It was the best one I have ever tasted in Japan.

As the weather is not getting any better I am not sure how far west I can make it tomorrow.

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