This morning I left the beautiful beach of Omiko (大神子) and headed towards west of Shikoku (四国). I was very lucky. I could get a ride after less than an hour and the man actually drove all the way to my destination.

It was a 40-year-old business man and he told me about his Judo times and how he met so many international people (but still he could not speak English). Over all the perfect hitch. Within three hours I crossed the entire island and he took me almost to my hostel’s doorstep.

Matsuyama itself offers a lot for people who understand and love Japanese literature. Besides that it features Japan’s oldest Onsen and has a local brewery (which is rarity in Japan). Because I am widely illiterate I chose to go to the brewery. I read on the internet that you can get a free guided tour and try some original Japanese beer. And to say it again: all for free.

But when I talked to the staff they seemed to be more than confused about my inquiry. Actually I think it was rather inconvenient for them. Nevertheless, my Japanese persuasion skills were sufficient enough and they showed my the inside and I got my free beer (Kölsch). I have to admit, it was the best Japanese beer I have tasted so far.

After that I went to the famous Onsen. It was nice, beautiful and old. But for the 400 yen ticket you can just access one area, which features two pools. The other (more expensive) areas are basically the same. So besides that it is famous, it was rather unspectacular.

Tomorrow I will go to Hiroshima. This hitch could be rather challenging.

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  • Hi Paul, thanks for your regular and exiting reports from Japan! It’s always a really interesting and fun read. (this is probably not a comment on this particular post, but I know how blogging feels when you’re not sure if someone actually reads your stuff 😉

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