After a relaxing but short sleep I made my way to the next highway entrance. Unfortunately the location was not very good at all. Not many cars were passing by and there was also not much space to pick me up. So I decided after one hour to take the local train to access the next Service Area.

It took me quite a while to get there but eventually the effort was worth it. After less than another hour the first car stopped and took me to the next big service area. From there an around 30-year old Japanese man picked me up. He could speak English and was on his way to Nagasaki. He told me that he was originally from Tokyo and once hitchhiked to Kyushu. He was very friendly and his chaotic way was rather charming.

Arriving in Nagasaki I checked in to my hostel and did some sightseeing. I went to the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and afterwards to the Peace Park.

Tomorrow I will explore more of this city.

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