As the circumstances demanded from me, I had to leave Japan for a short period. I used this opportunity and went to South Korea. I took a flight from Osaka to Seoul on April 26th.

The journey went pretty smooth and Seoul is a city that is very easy to handle. Somewhere between a western modernized and a traditional style, the capital offers a lot of opportunities to explore. A simple but sophisticated subway system helps you to reach your desired destination. On the first day I handled my business very quickly and afterwards checked in at my accommodation.

Korea in general seems to be a very friendly and open country. The immigration procedure didn’t cause any difficulties and I’m legally allowed to stay here for three months. One particular detail I observed was one sign that said: “No language barrier in Korea! Use our free interpretation service.” They offer a free hotline that have language interpreters as operators.

Then I went to the closed interesting place, which turned out to be the N Seoul Tower. The tower is located on a hill and is the highest point in Seoul. It provided me a nice overview of the city. Furthermore this place is a popular place for local couples to have a romantic getaway. The couples go there to attach locks as a symbol for their eternal love. This habit reminded me of a bridge in Prague I visited some years ago.

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