The capital provides a lot of interesting places, so it is almost impossible to see everything within one weekend. As I didn’t have much knowledge of Korean history, I selected the spots in order to learn more about this country.

On Friday I visited Kyeongbok Palace, the emperor’s former residence. Inside the palace I found the Korean Folk museum. While I was walking through the exhibition a staff member offered me a guided tour for free. The private tour was a good opportunity to find answers to my questions.

The next day I went to the Olympic Park that has been constructed in the 80’s. Apparently this is a frequented spot for Korean families on a Saturday. The Olympic Park also contains an outdoor modern art exhibition. Furthermore I also visited the Museum of Modern Art inside the Olympia area. The exhibition features a lot of Korean artist, who have been totally unknown to me before.

Finally today, I visited the Seoul Museum of History. It has a very gorgeous exhibition that helped me to understand more about Korea.

Tomorrow morning I will return to Japan and continue my studies. But I’m sure, this wasn’t my last time in this Country.

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  • Cool, the first diplomat’s name is Paul 🙂
    He looks like he could be played by Johnny Depp.

    Nice photos. Hope to see new photos from Japan, soon…

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