Trip Through Qingchuan County and more

21 Apr 2011 China 四川唐家河国家级自然保护区

I know it has been some time since my last post. So I thought that I may share some photos from a trip we made through the lovely Qingchuan County (青川县).

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Visit at Guangyuan Vocational School and more

3 Apr 2011 China Guangyuan 广元

Last Friday (March 25th) we went to Guangyuan (广元) to visit their Vocational High School.

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The Local Temple

16 Mar 2011 China 竹园镇

On Sunday we visited the local temple. A very beautiful place full of knowledge and wisdom.

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Climbing the hill

14 Mar 2011 China 竹园镇

On Saturday my co-worker and I went hiking. Although it was quite foggy the trip was indeed very good.

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The office & learning English

3 Mar 2011 China Qingchuan Vocational School

I have my own office now, that I share with my colleague Jochen!

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First day at school

28 Feb 2011 China Qingchuan Vocational School

I have Internet Access at my dormitory now!

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Way to Qingchuan

27 Feb 2011 China Qingchuan Vocational School

We took the train to Chengdu, it was the fast one, which brought us in 15 hours nearly 2000 km to the west of China. The cabin was surprisingly comfortable. But I couldn’t find much sleep anyway. Our “cabin mates” turned out to be very friendly to us. When we finally arrived in Chengdu Maria’s […]

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Yonghe Temple, Temple of Confucius & Wangfujing

25 Feb 2011 China Beijing

Very spiritual sightseeing today: at first we visited a buddhist temple, then we explored the Temple of Confucius. After that, delicious food.

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