In Hong Kong – 鬼佬喺香港

Coordinates: 22.29238228262295,114.23733115196228

After spending two days in Berlin I took my flight to Hong Kong via Moscow travelling for more than 18 hours and I finally arrived on 22nd of May in the Special Administrative Region. I was tired to death.

It is hot. Always around 30° Celsius – day and night. I like it, finally I don’t have to freeze anymore. However the heat requires me to sleep longer and when I wake up, I feel like as if a car had hit me several times during the night. But fresh and cold soy milk wakes me up and gets me ready for the day.

My new job already requires a lot of my attention, but it is very promising and I am very excited about the upcoming weeks.

The pictures show the view of the apartment where I am staying these days. It is a very fancy place and I enjoy staying here a lot.

View at Yau Tong (Panorama)

Arrival in Ha Noi

Coordinates: 21.029382149908297,105.84852073009415

My flight took me from Munich to Moscow and then I took the connection flight to Ha Noi. The journey was rather fatiguing and I’m experiencing a strong jet lag now.

Arriving in Ha Noi, I just got around a little, checked in to my hostel and purchased a Vietnamese SIM-Card. I had a first glimpse on the city and I’m already very impressed. The food tastes awesome (as expected), the streets are crowded and everyone is always using his horn (just beautiful noise).

When I was relaxing at Hoan Kiem Lake, a student approached me and asked for some help with his English studies. The people here are amazing!

Tomorrow I will do some sightseeing. Pictures will follow soon.

Back in Germany

Coordinates: 49.7915953,9.953571499999953

Yesterday morning at 6:00 am, I arrived at the airport in Munich. The flight from Beijing was this time less fatiguing. They showed “Inception” what entertained me a lot. Furthermore I had a nice Chinese man sitting next to me. And I could also catch some sleep.

This Blog won’t be updated for an uncertain time. Maybe it will change its purpose in the future.

I thank everyone, who has read my entries and has looked at my pictures.

I also thank the people from Qingchuan, who have given me this unique experience.