Back in Germany

3 May 2011 China Würzburg

Yesterday morning at 6:00 am, I arrived at the airport in Munich. The flight from Beijing was this time less fatiguing. They showed “Inception” what entertained me a lot. Furthermore I had a nice Chinese man sitting next to me. And I could also catch some sleep. This Blog won’t be updated for an uncertain […]

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Trip Through Qingchuan County and more

21 Apr 2011 China 四川唐家河国家级自然保护区

I know it has been some time since my last post. So I thought that I may share some photos from a trip we made through the lovely Qingchuan County (青川县).

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The Local Temple

16 Mar 2011 China 竹园镇

On Sunday we visited the local temple. A very beautiful place full of knowledge and wisdom.

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Climbing the hill

14 Mar 2011 China 竹园镇

On Saturday my co-worker and I went hiking. Although it was quite foggy the trip was indeed very good.

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The office & learning English

3 Mar 2011 China Qingchuan Vocational School

I have my own office now, that I share with my colleague Jochen!

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First day at school

28 Feb 2011 China Qingchuan Vocational School

I have Internet Access at my dormitory now!

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