English Immersion Camp

1 Aug 2012 Japan 守山市

Since Monday I am working at an English camp for Japanese children organized by Kumon. The camp is at a hotel next to Lake Biwa, which provides an amazing view during breakfast. At the camp we have 88 children who are between 8 and 12 years old. Together with around 20 other students from 20 […]

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Field Trip with Japanese High School Students

19 Jun 2012 Japan 銀閣寺垣

Our university offered for international students to participate in a field trip with students from Shibuya (渋谷). The Junior High School students came to Kyoto for a weekend excursion and on Sunday international students joined their tour in order to improve their English communication skills.

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Visit at Guangyuan Vocational School and more

3 Apr 2011 China Guangyuan 广元

Last Friday (March 25th) we went to Guangyuan (广元) to visit their Vocational High School.

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The office & learning English

3 Mar 2011 China Qingchuan Vocational School

I have my own office now, that I share with my colleague Jochen!

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First day at school

28 Feb 2011 China Qingchuan Vocational School

I have Internet Access at my dormitory now!

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