The streets in general have been fascinating me a lot the past days. It seems like life is happening at the streets here.

People are gathering for food, drinks, smoking and chatting. And if you join they seem to be shy at the beginning, but after a while you can enjoy delicious food with them. You can also find vendors all across Ha Noi, trying to sell their goods to locals and tourists.

But the people in Ha Noi are not really pedestrians. People told me, that everyone here has a motorbike. And when you look around and try to count them all, you might be convinced that this is a true fact. The countless motorbikes are causing a very busy traffic. Nothing you could ever experience in Europe. There are many locals who earn some money by taking people with their motorbikes to their desired destination. They are waiting for their customers at the pavement and are always ready to go.

In order to visualize my fascination I have attached some photos of my recent impressions.

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