On Tuesday morning, 6th of March, I decided to take a tour to Cham Islands, which is a group of seven isles located 15 kilometres from Hoi An. The speedboat took about 25 minutes to arrive at a small village on the main island. The village has a tourist information centre, a school and a temple.

After some general information about the islands we took the speedboat to a beach, where I had the opportunity to go snorkelling. The sight underwater was not very clear, so I could just see some fish and corals. Back at the beach I had lunch at a seafood restaurant and shortly after that I was walking around in order to explore the coast.

Afterwards the tour guide told me, that the tour ended at 2 pm and that I had to return to the mainland. I asked him if there is a way to take a boat which leaves at a later hour. He suggested me to join him, because he would stay on the island overnight. After considering this offer carefully, I decided to join him. So we took a motorbike to get to another beach, which was even more beautiful, than the one before. The amazing landscape motivated me to explore this beach as well.

On sunset the tour guide asked me to join him and his friends for dinner. I instantly accepted and we took their boat and set anchor at another small village. The men on the boat were very friendly and during dinner we had an enormous amusement. With a stomach full of grilled fish and several shots of Vietnamese wine, we took the boat back to the other beach where we celebrated the men’s day off with more wine and grilled squid. I slept in a tent at the beach. I felt like a pirate.

The next day the men invited me to take their boat back to Hoi An. The boat took a bit longer than, the speedboat, but for me, this didn’t matter.

Find occasionally coordinates in the captures of the images below.

One thought on “Cù lao Chàm”

  • Hallo Paul,
    bei der Pflanze handelt es sich vermutlich um eine asiatische Form der Strandwinde. Bei uns gibt es vor allem Ackerwinden – Du weißt schon, das Unkraut hinten im Kräuterbeet 🙂
    Der Alwin will unbedingt welche von den Korallenresten auf Bild 17, die sollst Du ihm ganz dringend schicken!
    Schön, dass auch ein Fot von Dir dabei war.
    Ganz liebe Grüße nach Weitweitweg
    Marc, Alwin und Mam

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